There are so many great CBD products out there for women to use during their periods, but which ones actually work? I've got two that I can't live without.

After writing my book Peaceful Cycle, I kept doing more and more research on what we should be using during our periods and trying to find other holistic approaches that actually work. The big thing right now is CBD lotions and oils, and they work if you get the good stuff. If we can switch out Midol, for CBD, the long term benefits of changing up this medicine cabinet ritual during our period are significant. Taking over the counter medication is really rough on the body and liver over time, and we need to stop taking pills for the quick relief and start understanding what our body is trying to tell us. If we understand the symptoms, we can do things like shift our diet, practice yoga, add in more vitamins like iron and magnesium, and/or use better products that are safer and help us long term. In doing small shifts we can have a more Peaceful Cycle.

These are the two products I highly recommend.

Lord Jones | $60 | CBD Lotion

Lord Jones products actually work! I use this body lotion even when I am not on my period for my tight shoulders. Lord Jones has grown in popularity with celebrities raving about their products, and not because the packaging is pretty, which it is, but because it works. It has helped so many people with different types of pain and discomfort that they continue to make the headlines. It contains no THC, and it is a really luxurious, silky smooth, and soft lotion. Since it has high CBD it penetrates deep into the skin and muscles, helping to alleviate any tightness, soreness, and/or stiffness you might be feeling. Another great product Lord Jones sells are CBD gummies. The gummies have really helped with my anxiety during my cycle. Definitely, a company to check out.

Papa & Barkley |$20-$90 depending on amount| CBD + THC

This isn't legal in every state or country because it does have THC in it. Hopefully, this will change one day, as CBD lotion/oil with THC, is even more effective. This balm is very strong but does not get into the bloodstream, so it is not psychoactive. You just feel relief. Amazing relief. Better than waiting 20 minutes for the pills to kick in relief. This saved me when I was having really bad low back pain during my period last month. The balm is very light, soft, and absorbs almost instantly. If it's legal where you live... buy in bulk.

Little changes and shifts over time make a huge difference. If we can use better products, eat better food, and have better rituals and regimens, we can have a better relationship with our bodies. It's time to start listening to our bodies ladies instead of taking over the counter medication that is really bad for us just to get through the period and have a quick fix. If you want more tips, check out my book, Peaceful Cycle, for more holistic remedies for period symptoms.

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