I got the Tatcha Starter Ritual Set (love the name) last Christmas. This set was awesome, honestly, but the product that stood out the most was the Camellia Oil.

Camellia Oil is a 2-in-1 makeup remover and cleanser. Yes, it is oil. Don't freak out. I know I did. All I was thinking was this is going to break me out and then my skin is going to get even worse. Well, it is actually very gentle, melts away impurities and it can even remove waterproof makeup. Every time I use it my skin feels so clean and soft. I use it at night, right before my True Botanicals ritual and regimen, to get all my makeup off. You apply it dry, which is easy, it will turn milky and then you just wash the dirt and makeup off.

If you want to try it out they have a travel size for only $15. This is the one I got in my starter kit and it lasted me a long time since I don't always wear makeup. It's a lot for $15, so enough for your skin to get used to it, and for you to decide if you like it and want to invest in the bigger one above.

If you are looking for a makeup/dirt remover that is good for your skin and doesn't strip it with harsh chemicals then this is the oil for you. Great addition to your nightly ritual and regimen.

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