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My whole life I had porcelain skin. Beautiful skin. Baby butt soft skin. Pretty much blemish free.

Ok, you get it? I had perfect skin. Well, now I don't. It's awesome.

But I found the product that saved me.

When I was around 23, yes, not 12, I was an adult; I started getting little bumps all over my face. This freaked me out because poor little ol me had never experienced this before. I tried popping them, which, I know I know, only made it worse. I didn't know what to do besides turn to the best products in the business. First, I tried Proactive, one of the best, right? It dried me out and didn't make the acne go away. So, I tried going a little softer, to Neutrogena, which always worked as a teen, but like I said I never actually had acne. Neutrogena didn't work. A friend suggested Drunk Elephant to me, and the packaging was so pretty I had to try it. I actually liked it. It did help for a little, but I was nervous using the face oil as a moisturizer, but I think that's what actually helped me. After a while, the acne, unfortunately, came back. I moved on to drowning my face in moisturizer after reading that maybe my skin was actually dry and I was overproducing oils to compensate. So I went to some of the best, again. La Mer and La Prairie are amazing, don't get me wrong, but they were just a little too thick and dense for my skin. So, I just switched to using coconut oil to avoid stripping my skin of its natural oils. That was fine for a while, and of course, I shifted my diet around to help, but I knew I needed to stick with a ritual and a regimen. One day, thanks to Instagram, True Botanicals popped up on my page, with the ever so gorgeous Olivia Wilde. They did a great job having her be the spokeswoman because like any marketers dream I was like "If Olivia Wilde uses it, I must use it, and then I will finally look like her." Even though I still don't look like her, I finally found my morning and nightly skin care routine that actually works, and I absolutely love it!

Clear Collection

The Clear Collection (to the left) is my morning and nightly ritual and regimen for my skin. It gave me my soft skin back. Wahoo! The Clear Collection removed old build up that clogged my pores and caused the little bumps to appear, it helped to diminish the bigger pimples on my cheeks and it kept my skin hydrated and supple. It has also boosted my confidence again. I can go out with very minimal makeup on. I feel pretty and I am not as self-conscious.

Resurfacing Body Mask is another great product and a skin game changer. My skin felt so incredibly soft after using this product. I use it once a week during my Sunday night ritual and it has helped my skin look and feel softer, younger, and hydrated. I pair it with their body oil and my skin is in heaven.

If you don't suffer from adult acne, True Botanicals has some other great products. They have the Renew Collection, for fine lines and wrinkles, the Calm Collection, for people who suffer from rosacea, and different products from hair to body, pregnancy and they even have aromatherapy now. So, a lot of different products to choose from depending on what you are looking to add into your daily and/or nightly rituals and regimens.

‚ÄčIt is an amazing company that I am so thankful I found. Love love love!

With the occasional period pimple, let's just say, there is no more adult acne for me!

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